About Me

Catherine Brockette

Catherine Brockette has performed for over twenty years. She has acted in local television commercials, independents, and on the stage in both the Dallas and Boston markets, but not for the Boston Market. Catherine has performed with a number of comedy improvisation troupes, including Ad-Libs and Fourth Wall Comedy (Dallas), as well as stand up in the Los Angeles area. She also has an M.A. in Criminal Psychology, which she never uses. Currently, Catherine works for Women In Film Dallas while working on various screenplays and novels. She writes this blog Am I Really? which you will most likely lose IQ points reading.

Fun Facts:

Catherine is a native of Southern California.

Favorite City – Boston (Go Sox!)

She has worked as a counselor, in Juvenile Parole, and saved three people when she was a lifeguard at a wave pool.

Greatest Accomplishment – daughter Samantha. She is a bad ass.


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