Am I Really Wishing My Life Was a Zatarain’s Commercial?


Zatarain's Rice





Have you seen these commercials? Those people really love flavored rice. There’s the exuberant trumpet player, kids dancing all around the kitchen, and dad making googley-eyes at mom – all because of that boxed rice.

She is literally out of her mind about the jambalaya rice.

She is literally out of her mind about the jambalaya rice.

Wouldn’t it be great if life were always this exciting?

We should all incorporate a little more Zatarain’s type of verve into our every day. Just think of the possibilities!

Let’s take a look at some less than exciting situations and “Zatarain’s it”:

  1. Standing in line at the DMV/Post Office/Space Mountain. These lines are a beating. It is usually too hot or too cold, the dude in front of you always has b.o., and you probably have to pee. Zatarain’s it! Whip out that boom box and start playing Wang Chung’s “Everybody Wang Chung Tonight.” You’ll get people dancing on the kiosks and throwing their paperwork in the air! You’ll renew that driver’s license in no time, and make some new friends. No one can be cranky when that song is on.
  2. Filling out tax forms. Just shoot me now. We actually have a fabulous CPA to help us with our taxes, but it is still so tedious. Are we going to get money back? Can we write off my daughter’s Minecraft as a business expense? Zatarain’s it! Rip those forms in half while standing on a desk like Sally Field in Norma Rae. Then move to Canada.
  3. Unclogging the shower drain. I don’t know about you, but I let the clogs in our house runneth over. Our shower is so clogged, I can take a bath in it after forty-five seconds. Why this is such a task, I don’t know. Zatarain’s it! Grab all those animated fish from Finding Nemo and make them swim down the drain to amend the issue. Oh the antics they’ll get into.
  4. When your flight is cancelled after waiting on the tarmac for three hours. OMG. I want to pull my hair out when this happens. I am a nervous flyer to begin with, so just sitting there wondering if this tube is going to take off (leading to more terror), is shear hell. Zatarain’s it! Get those flight attendants to start passing out the warm nuts and moist towelettes. Anything from first class makes flying better. Even just one Andes Candy can make a difference.
  5. Quizzing child on spelling words/homework. Nobody likes homework – especially parents. The spelling words are our Achilles heel. I hate it, my daughter hates it. She blows it off to the point of randomly throwing in the letter “q” on a word like “supply” just to watch me lose it. Zatarain’s it! Open a bottle of Pinot. Then call your neighbor over to quiz your daughter. A win-win.
Looks like somebody needs a bowl of yellow rice...

Looks like somebody needs a bowl of yellow rice…

Okay, so nothing can make the above all that better, especially Cajun rice. But utilizing the Zatarain’s method, if only in your head, might help a bit.

Especially the next time Uncle Ned prattle’s on about the conga line from his last Carnival Cruise. With photos.


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