Am I Really Still Keeping Tabs on THE LIST?

Don’t lie to me. You have one. That go-to list of dudes (or for the men folk – chicks, or not, whatever, its 2012) that just do it for you.

Mine has not changed much since the sixth grade. I recently came across an old diary from my junior high years. Hilarious. Although my pre-teen years were a roller coaster of anxious thoughts about Amy being the most popular girl, the indentation on my bob from my night headgear, or waiting for my boobs to come in (still am); interestingly enough, my taste in men has stayed pretty consistent.

I don’t know if it’s all the 50 Shades of Smut I’ve been reading, or all the promos for the upcoming moving Magic Mike that has got me feeling so bold, but I thought I would share a sample from my Hubba Hubba list.

So for humiliation’s sake, below is a roll call of luscious lads and reasons as to why they make the cut. This list is both current and from my middle school past. Please note this inventory does not only consist of people I want to make out with in my parent’s basement, but also, just people I want to meet.

Buckle up.

1)      Dave Grohl – Okay, musical genius, has a great sense of humor, and pretty much seems to be an all-around cool guy. A good friend of mine sees eye-to-eye on this one; so much so that if we were to meet Dave in person we would probably each grab a leg and end up snapping him like a wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner. He’s the bee’s knees.

2)      Mark Wahlberg – This is guy who will literally kill someone with his bare hands for you, all while helping a little old lady across the street and teaching inner city youth how to read. Swoon.

3)      Ricky Schroder – Yep, the Ricker. Not Rick, but Ricky. When I was in the second grade I was so into Silver Spoons that I sent him a letter. He never wrote back. Dick.

4)      Eddie Van Halen – Even in the Sixth Grade I knew this dude was stoned in the Jump video. I did not care. He was and is forever magic on the guitar and keyboard.

5)      Ronnie James Dio – Everybody, pour some out for Ronnie. No, I don’t want to get busy with him. I want to sit on a red velour throne and drink wine out of a gold goblet with him while he tells me about the heavy metal days of yore.

6)      Hugh Jackman – I think this one speaks for itself.

7)      Seth Meyers – Smart, sexy, hilarious – I’m pretty sure that’s called a tri-fecta of awesome.

8)      David Moyer – Man, I had it bad for this guy in the seventh grade. I have no idea where he is now or what he is doing, but I hope he is a little less dense. I could not have dropped more “kiss me” hints around this guy, using everything I learned from watching episodes of Days of Our Lives. Epic Fail (insert Price is Right music: wa wa wa waaaaa). Looking back, I’m surprised I did not end up pregnant, married to my second cousin’s butler, and/or stranded on a deserted island with Stefano DiMera.

9)   Ryan Reynolds – He has graduated to serious movie roles, although I wish he’d do another Van Wilder. Or just keep doing X-Men spin offs with his shirt off.

10)  John Taylor from Duran Duran – It was a phase. And yes, I owned a fedora.

11)  Jason Segal – I can’t figure this one out. Maybe I really liked The Muppets.

12)  Bradley Cooper – Do you even have to ask?

13)  Nikki Sixx – I am a major Mötley Crüe fan and I listen to him every day on Sirius. He’s funny, hot, and survived like twenty heroin overdoses.  Thumbs up buddy.

14)  Alexander Skarsgård– I’m not into vampire crap, but I am a True Blood fan. He is such a cocky prick on the show and I love it.

15)  John Cusack – He had me at Better Off Dead, and are you kidding me with the Lloyd Dobler role? Can you imagine what your first date would be like? Although now he is such an activist he would probably want to go to a sit-in for some social atrocity, and I would be cracking up because the guy next to us farted.

16)  Edward Norton – I just like him.

So there, I’ve aired my dirty laundry and now my husband knows. Oops. This is clearly not a list based on any type of reality, which is why it is so fun.

We all daydream about meeting that famous person and what they would say to us, how thin we would look, etc.  But they aren’t real, they are fantasies. Reality is paying bills, vacuuming dog hair off the floor, and running late for school…again. Reality is knowing the person next to you thinks your morning breath stinks, but they still love you.  While fantasies are fun, they don’t hold your hand when you are scared.  I’ll keep the reality in front of me and a couple of daydreams in my back pocket for a rainy day.

So chime in and leave a comment. I am dying to hear about your list!

2 thoughts on “Am I Really Still Keeping Tabs on THE LIST?

  1. Dave Grohl – Watch the Foo Fighters documentary & you’ll like him even more.
    John Cusack – Ah, Lane Meyer…there are few movies that I love more than Better off Dead!
    Javier Bardem – think Eat, Pray, Love not No Country for Old Men

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