Am I Really Aching for Boston?

Boston 2Yes. I am.

            And so is the rest of the country.

            I have nothing cute, quippy, or even creative to say here. In fact, what I am feeling and thinking has already been said by others far more eloquent than I.

            Apparently words don’t stop the bad guys.

            Like the rest of the world, I don’t have any answers, only more questions.  I do not have a magic eraser to make all the hurt and pain go away from those affected by this and many other tragedies; I only have a shoulder to cry on. I am not equipped with radar to detect all the evil in the world, but I do have one thing.


            While I worry about the world in which my daughter will grow up – I choose to surround myself and her in a world where goodness lives.  I will forever believe that while some people are complete a**holes, most give a damn.

            I am sick over what happened Monday in Boston. I still can’t comprehend what happened in Newtown, CT. I don’t think I ever will. The news drags me down on a constant basis. I lock my doors. I look over my shoulder. In the dark, I am cautious.

            But I still hope.

            And sometimes, that is all we can do.

            Well, that and start bulking up on creatine shakes to kick some psycho’s ass.

PS – This photo was take almost two years ago in the Back Back of Boston. Still one of the most beautiful places.

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